Jokes-(Funny type)

Following are some bulb-giving A-jokes.Don’t proceed further if you are not interested.

Girl asked dog ” How can you deliver so many puppies,that too in so many different colours?”?????????????????
Dog says with a smile “TRY WALKING NAKED ON THE ROAD THEN YOU WILL KNOW”.!!!!!!!!!!
Two people talking after death:
Soul1:How did you die?
Soul2:Due to cold,you?
Soul1:I doubted my wife with a man & searched my house,found none,felt guilty & commited suicide
Soul2:HA HA I WAS IN FRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A man and his dog went to a river for a bath….Man removed all the clothes and the dog started laughing .Man asked-“why are you laughing?”
Boy:If i kiss you and run away then what wil you think?
Girl:I will think that a fool instead of attending the full paper,just attended the 1 mark alone and failed

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